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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2018 3:00am-3:03am CEST

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and the other things. in the. near close. in the people close to him. and on this is we've. got. the. french president and manual mccrone and german chancellor angela merkel have agreed that all you countries must be able to turn back asylum seekers at their borders if they previously registered in another member country during a meeting near berlin the two leaders also backed the creation of a euro zone budget to bolster investment and economic convergence in the one nine
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hundred block. a report by the un refugee agency says the number of people fleeing wars persecution and other violence has grown to sixty eight and a half million a rise of three million since twenty sixteen most are fleeing war and conflict from syria afghanistan south sudan myanmar and somalia the agency says that resolving any one of these conflicts would have a major impact. flash floods in abidjan the financial capital of ivory coast have killed at least eight hundred people and displaced hundreds of others to rancho rains washed away homes and sinkholes formed on roads heavy rains are expected to last for several days. russians have been celebrating the team's second resulting victory in the soccer world cup the tournament hosts virtually sealed their place in the knockout stage by cruising past egypt three one russia headed into the world cup it's the lowest ranked team but now the players have turned into national heroes.
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u.s. president all trying to frighten even more tariffs on china roll stock markets kits or as washington ask a tit for tat trade row. the affordable office giving these old shipping legend a new lease on life recycling them into cheap space. by mr to one german intrapreneur started getting ready to leave turkey and blame a declining economy on the current president. how and what country of business news update i'm funny for char in berlin china accuses u.s. president. and says it will again retaliate for the latest set of tariffs frightened by washington china stretch of the the food strong of us star it's trump is now talking to an additional two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese
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imports but the temper sent. shoppers in china might not be into.


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